NCF Constitution


We, the members of this Federation, consisting of State Associations have given ourselves this constitution and it is binding on every member state, individual, club and all athletes.


  1. Definition

  2. Logo, Emblem and Flag

  3. General Provisions

  4. Official Language

  5. Members

  6. NCF Bodies

  7. General Assembly

  8. Executives of the NCF

  9. Election of the NCF-Officers

  10. Non-Executive Officers

  11. Committees, Commission, Panel

  12. Regional Associations

  13. Subscription and Fees

  14. Disciplinary Actions and Penalties

  15. NCF & WCF Anti-Doping Rules

  16. Restrictions on Trading

  17. Voluntary Dissolution of the Organization


Unless specifically stated otherwise, the terms "General Assembly", "President" "Technical Committee" and such like shall mean the "NCF General Assembly", "NCF President", "NCF Technical Committee" etc.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, the terms "him", "his" and "Chairman" shall refer to persons of either sex.

We, the member of this Federation Known as NIGERIA CURLING FEDERATION have giving ourselves this Constitution and it is binding on every member, individual and all athletes.